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Jews and temple treasures. Nehemiah rebuilds in 52 days. Ptolemy I takes Jerusalem. Antiochus III takes over. Antiochus IV religious persecution. After years the Jews rule Jerusalem and Judea for the next 80 years. Herod the Great is appointed by Rome. Herod rebuilds the temple.

Sundance: Danish Thriller ‘The Guilty’ Lands at Magnolia

Castra Batava] Passau II: The Alpine Forelands lie south of the Granite Plateau. Gypsy camp in Burgenland S of Vienna near Hungary. Labor Education Camp] Marianberger Komturia: Overland Town Vienna Bahamas: English controlled since

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Seidl studied at the Leipzig Conservatory from October Seidl then went to Bayreuth as one of Richard Wagner’s copyists, living in Wagner’s home. At Bayreuth, Seidl assisted in the creation of the first copy of the score of Das Ring des Nibelungen. As a consequence, Seidl was at the first Bayreuth Festival in the Summer of An important opportunity for Seidl resulted from Wagner’s recommendation of Seidl as conductor of the Leipzig Stadt-Theater.

Seidl conducted in Leipzig from , to be succeeded by his Hungarian contemporary, the young Artur Nikisch

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Roman Empire Reconstruction of ancient Roman fort just south of the Limes Germanicus at Saalburg In the first century AD, after a series of military campaigns, the Romans were able to conquer what is now most of western and southern Germany from the Germanic and Celtic tribes living there. The limits of the Roman empire were marked by the “Limes”.

Sections of the raised bank can still be seen and walked along. However, in Roman times the Limes were anything but a rigid border and trade and occasional Roman military expeditions influenced most of what is now Germany up to at least the fourth century AD. Several cities that are still important in Germany today were founded by the Romans as military bases and later, settlements, including Mainz , Wiesbaden , Cologne and Bonn.

The most impressive Roman remains in Germany can be found in Trier , the oldest German city. Charlemagne is often associated with France, but his realm was vast; his capital was in Aix la Chapelle, known today in German as Aachen. Remains of Charlemagne’s winter imperial palace the Kaiserpfalz can be seen in the town of Ingelheim. Starting in the early Middle Ages, Germany started to split into hundreds of small states, with strong regional differences that endure to this day, for example in Bavaria.

During this period the power of local princes and bishops increased, their legacy being the many spectacular castles and palaces like the Castle Wartburg in Eisenach , Thuringia. Other cities also came to prominence from inland trade routes, such as Leipzig , Nuremberg and Cologne. Some Medieval guild halls are still standing and can be visited today.

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A pound lock has a chamber with gates at both ends that control the level of water in the pound. In contrast, an earlier design with a single gate was known as a flash lock. Pound locks were first used in medieval China during the Song Dynasty — AD , having been pioneered by the Song politician and naval engineer Qiao Weiyue in The gates were ‘hanging gates’; when they were closed the water accumulated like a tide until the required level was reached, and then when the time came it was allowed to flow out.

The water level could differ by 4 feet 1. Yet the first true pound lock was built in at Damme near Bruges , Belgium. In large scale river navigation improvements, weirs and locks are used together. A weir will increase the depth of a shallow stretch, and the required lock will either be built in a gap in the weir, or at the downstream end of an artificial cut which bypasses the weir and perhaps a shallow stretch of river below it. A river improved by these means is often called a Waterway or River Navigation see example Calder and Hebble Navigation.

Sometimes a river is made entirely non-tidal by constructing a sea lock directly into the estuary. In more advanced river navigations, more locks are required. Where a longer cut bypasses a circuitous stretch of river, the upstream end of the cut will often be protected by a flood lock. The longer the cut, the greater the difference in river level between start and end of the cut, so that a very long cut will need additional locks along its length.

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Wikimedia Deutschland speed dating at Wikimania Usually advance registration is required for speed dating events. Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “dates” usually lasting from three to eight minutes depending on the organization running the event. At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell, clinks a glass, or blows a whistle to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

At the end of the event participants submit to the organizers a list of who they would like to provide their contact information to. If there is a match, contact information is forwarded to both parties. Contact information cannot be traded during the initial meeting, in order to reduce pressure to accept or reject a suitor to his or her face.

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Woolsthorpe, England, 25 December ; d. London, England, 20 March mathematics, dynamics, celestial mechanics, astronomy, optics, natural philosophy. Isaac Newton was born a posthumous child, his father having been buried the preceding 6 October. Newton was descended from yeomen on both sides: He was born prematurely, and there was considerable concern for his survival. He later said that he could have fitted into a quart mug at birth.

His early education was in the dame schools at Skillington and Stoke, beginning perhaps when he was five. He was, however, uninterested in farm chores, and absent-minded and lackadaisical.

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It provides mobile firepower and is in the process of being equipped with the Challenger 2 main battle tanks. It is also equipped with armoured reconnaissance vehicles that use advanced technology to locate the enemy. In addition, the Household Cavalry provides troops for ceremonial duties. Their equipment ranges from hand-held air defence weapons to self-propelled tracked gun and multiple launch rocket systems.

Known as the “Gunners”, they also operate various surveillance and target acquisition systems. They started to use the Phoenix remotely piloted aircraft, which provides real-time target information, in Kosovo.

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An overview of standard and proprietary computer character sets and Kermit protocols for identifying them and converting them. Also in Space Daily, 9 December Kermit Publicity Binders [Box 14] Three-ring binders with articles, brochures, press clippings, photos, etc, mounted in plastic. Kermit News Numbers C-Kermit book; Digital Press flyers. Press releases and clippings from newspapers and magazines.

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