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Mounting Locations Thanks to a lack of dash space on our XJ’s there are not a wide variety of mounting locations in the dash. Rather than learn from ‘trial and error’, I thought it would be a good idea to share some XJ cb radio mounting photos to help you decide what will work best for you BEFORE you go hacking and drilling holes in your interior. Don’t put it here This was my first shot at doing this and it wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had. Sure, the radio looks good there but it was dang near impossible to see while driving! Not only that but you’d better have all the buttons memorized or plan on crashing trying to figure out what channel you’re on! Another little gem I discovered is that my right knee would hit the microphone cord connector every so often. That got old real fast so rather than demolishing either my knee or the mic cable, I pulled it out and replaced the lower dash panel then relocated the c. Note that I could NOT fit a radio in-dash like this on the passenger side due to lack of space.

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Mic Hanger – http: They serve so many purposes and made for a perfect antenna mount! Bed Stiffeners – http: Hooked everything up in the rear and it was time to start running the coax. As you can see I ran it through the initial attachment point on the bed stiffener and down between the tailgate and the corner of the bed.

Adding A VFO to the Cobra GTL You’ll still need to tune up just like when you use the other old switch / crystal change method. Using the regulated voltage sources gives it excellent stability, as good as any VFO radio I have used (at least for CB quality).

Where you install the CB itself is only important in regards to its ease of access and the orientation of the speaker so you can hear it. But overhead may not be an option and determining a mounting location is not always easy. If you are mounting under the dash or on either side of the center console, just make sure you have enough leg clearance. There are many companies making CB mounting mounting brackets, some of which are vehicle specific for some trick installation locations.

Mic Brackets — Most sets come with a mic mounting bracket that often can be attached to the side of the CB itself. Consider your cable routing when choosing your set mounting location. You can purchase a small CB radio remote speaker that use a male mono audio plug. Sometimes even a small speaker mounted in a convenient location will do. But my speaker is mounted in the dash using the old single speaker location in the CJ dash panel.

The audio quality of this setup is great. Nice and loud with a better than average speaker behind the dash. Use the recommended fuse rating for your set.

Cobra Cb Hook Up

Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications Power wire hookup – battery or cigarette plug When hooking up a CB radio one of the many decisions to figure out is how to wire it up for power. The majority of CB radios have two wires, a positive wire red and a negative wire black.

The positive wire needs a

The OOK Cobra 90 lb. White Steel Ceiling Swivel Driller Hook has a 90 lb. maximum weight capacity and comes with hardware. Ideal for your hanging needs, this driller hook features durable steel construction and a white finish /5(59).

Over the years each employee has had to learn the hard way “not to drill or self drill screw into anything that you can’t see behind or feel behind to make sure you don’t drill into anything you shouldn’t”. We have had installers drill into air-conditioning coolant, break fluid, batteries, wires, antifreeze, glass, and one installer even drilled the gas tank on a VW and everything else under the hood or behind the dash. With each new installer this Rule has been broken which usually costs Truckcity a lot of money.

Most of the time the answer I get when I ask if they looked or felt behind where they were drilling they said “I didn’t think there was anything there”. Or ,and this is a good one. S; just make sure every time”. CB Radio location The main rules are usability and staying away from the heater. If you mount the radio where the heater blows on it, it will overheat the radio inside and shorten it’s life. Where ever the radio fits is fine.

Keep it close enough that the mike wire isn’t stretched to much when you’re blabin because stretching breaks the wires. Make sure there is enough room behind the radio to hook up the wires and don’t make it so close the wires are rubbing and bending back and forth from vibration. As you know bending a wire back and forth will break it.

Cobra 75 WX ST and Mopar Jeep Wrangler JK Antenna Kit Install

Now the fun begins First I had to decide if I was going to use an 18′ coax or cut it and make it shorter. Most installers think you must use 18′ of cable. But, if you read the article at Stu Olson’s Jeep Site you may change your mind. I made my cable 11’9″ as per Stu’s suggestion.

Jun 13,  · I have a portable I can hook up in a few seconds. The one where the CB is in the hand mic I do not listen or tune in to CB at all because of the above reasons of people keying up or making noise just to hear themselves talk (talkback box) or others mouthing off to one or another.

Customer kept on bringing in CB with problem of blowing fuses. Everytime he brought it in diode D17 would be shorted with fuse blown. Diode D17 is a Protection device in case of incorrect wiring. It will pass the current thru it and pop the fuse hopefully. After 2 times in 2 months of this problem with each repair being Basically it was just a 3 amp circuit breaker in line with his power wire. It will now trip the circuit breaker instead of shorting the diode or blowing his fuse.

Also he had a problem of sticking bigger and bigger fuses in it. That was 3 months ago and he hasn’t had it back in. Clip D9 for more Modulation. Like in most radio’s I take the tranistor out which in this case is TR14 and tape it inside the unit somewhere. That way if I need to un-tune it all I have to do is replace the tranistor. Some Cb’s it’ll be called a AMC tranistor.

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It is soooo easy! No binary code headaches, no trace cutting, no road maps, no crystal changes BUT you’ll need a frequency counter to know where you are at. Otherwise, you can just tune in anyone that is talking to get on their frequency, but you just won’t know what frequency it is.

Everything about wiring microphones.

This is just a small sample of the useful information you’ll find there. There are three steps when wiring any new mike to your CB: Determine which color wire on the new or repaired mike performs that same function. Be able to neatly solder and insulate those wires on the corresponding pins of the new plug. The obvious way is to look at the main chassis for a relay. Or while listening to a signal, unplug the mike.

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There are no CB Radios with other transmit capabilities services, however. First, The Taller the antenna, the better it will work. Usually, all else being equal, the Tallest, longest antenna you are comfortable with, mounted as high as possible, will give the best performance. For Example, mounting a new 4 foot CB antenna in the same spot where you were using a 2 foot, will usually give better results. It wouldn’t really matter what “brand name”, color, or style the 2 ft antenna was.

Easy Generator to Home Hook Up: A generator is a core component to many people’s emergency preparedness plans. (Maybe you have a cool charcoal powered or a multi-fuel generator.) However many fail to think through how exactly they will power the items they want to run when the.

The biggest thing I liked about it was everything is built into the handset, which really simplifies installation because the only thing you really have to worry about finding space for is the handset. I tied the power wire into an existing wire that was hot all the time so I could use the CB even with the ignition off and ran the ground wire to the lower mounting screw for the knee bolster directly above the hood release latch. The handset sits on the side of the center console using a stick-on mic hanger that I picked up at a truck stock.

You could just as easily bolt or screw the supplied mic hanger to the console though. This puts the handset within quick and easy reach and keeps it out of the way of my feet and knees. In our TJ, the control base is simply ziptied up behind the glove box, an idea I got from 4x4xplor.

Adding a Cobra CB Radio in a 1997 GMC Dash

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