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Not quite as cheesy, but just as dumb – if that makes any sense. I laughed and was entertained, so I have no major complaints. Above the Law I saw this back when it came out, and more recently on TV. Seagal in his first film role plays Nico Toscani, a Chicago police officer investigating a massive drug conspiracy – despite being told to lay off the case more than once. He plays an arrogant asshole, but I guess that’s not terribly different from most action heroes – but he’s less likable than most. What sets him apart to some extent is his martial arts fighting. Unusually, he’s brought Aikido to the screen, and apparently refused to make it more flashy for the camera. I can respect that, but it’s a fairly un-flashy art, and watching him in action isn’t as entertaining as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Tony Jaa.

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May 22, YouTube Just in time for China’s so-called “love confession day,” Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo has confirmed his romantic relationship with actress-producer Ruby Lin. On his production company’s Weibo account, Huo said, “I hope to receive everyone’s well wishes” and tagged Lin to the post.

Ever since Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin announced that they are dating, they haven’t been seen together in public. Imagine the sensation they caused, then, when they were caught together in public, especially when they were trying to look like regular folks.

Huo first joined the entertainment business at the age of Setting the goal as a singer, he went through two years of training in vocal and dancing. Just before he was about to record his first album, however, he was mandated to enlist in the army. He became known for his cell phone commercial with Angelica Lee in After completing his military service, Huo joined etKING and became one of the two leading actors in the new drama Star.

Though this series was not immensely popular, it kick-started his acting career.

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Format[ edit ] Each episode aired weekly feature several popular celebrities as guest stars. The Happy Camp stage gives many celebrities the opportunity to show their talents. Because the show is so well known, many singers and actors want advertising their productions such as movies, books and songs.

May 20,  · Ruby and Wallace’s pixs from recent events, dramas, BTS Crd: everyone who upload the pixs, Miley Cyrus(Scar) thank you!

Ye Zhen’s decision at the end here is controversial, to say the least, and many are unable to understand the logic it. I find that we can’t look at the situation with our modern philosophy. You really have to put yourself in her mindset and all that she had been taught since she was young. Even though I didn’t agree with Ye Zhen’s choice, I understood it.

This was her pride, her duty. And through this choice, a chain of events will take place. The drama version of the novel is turning out to be a bigger mess than I anticipated.

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Cast and Synopsis OK so this is like a pretty old drama I’ve watched a long time ago and one I always remember because it truly is a piece of art at its finest. I decided to watch it recently and it reminded me how great dramas were before SARFT barged in on everything and started annoying laws and such. Since there aren’t many reviews or post on this, I decided I wanted to. Jin Ming Zhu was born into a wealthy family of noble background which would fall on hard times.

When she was young, she was actually betrothed to the second son of the Qin family.

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Bio Wallace was born to a civil servant family in Taipei. His native hometown is Longkou, Shandong. When his father was three years old, his grandfather, who was the dean of the Hainan High Court at that time, moved his family from Hainan Island to Taiwan. His grandfather continued to work at the high court in Taiwan. He was a well known figure in the law society and judicial system. He was a hard working person and only retired when he reached 87 years of age. Three generations are civil servants.

However, Wallace loved music since as a kid and he dreamed to be a singer one day. Wallace Huo first joined the entertainment business at the age of Setting the goal as a singer, he went through two years of training in vocal and dancing. Just before he was about to record his first album, however, he was mandated to enlist in the army. He became known for his cell phone commercial with Angelica Lee in

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Jul 31,  · Wallace Huo mencium istrinya di pernikahan mereka, Minggu (31/7/) yang digelar di Bali, Indonesia.

As I attach a great importance to the cinematographic aspects of dramas, I enjoy beautiful settings and images, sophisticated clothes and costumes and of course good looking characters. Historical dramas have all that and so much more. Everything is more intense in a historical drama, and that is what I am looking for: In historical dramas, everything feels more intense and strangely more real. Characters have life-death dilemmas, noble families seek ultimate power through all means, society is unfair, but people still love each other.

The love lines of historical dramas are often the most modern aspect of these dramas. This reminds us that the world may have changed, but love is still the same. People love each other the same way all over the world, and throughout history. They are just different.

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Dua bintang Taiwan ini bisa dibilang merupakan aktor dari generasi yang berbeda. Namun kenyataannya, mereka sudah bersahabat selama 10 tahun. Ruby Lin dan Wallace Huo bersahabat 10 tahun sebelum akhirnya menikah. Namun menurut Ruby, mereka hanya sahabat baik. Apakah Wallace Huo mundur setelah mengetahui semua ini?

Actions speak louder than words, and that’s Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo’s mantra when it comes to expressing his love to his wife, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin. In a recent interview on a broadcast programme, Ruby shared about her marriage life, and revealed that Wallace is .

Post a comment Print or Download as PDF I have decided to group all posts about this beautiful man in this one post rather than make several posts. So that you can scroll on and on and on about him. However I am not at the level to create a blog specially for him. Anyway more on him in my Qing Shi Huang Fei post. This is the 1st part of all my posts about Wallace Huo.

But if you don’t mind, can you smile? Because you look miserable and I feel miserable because you look miserable!! Never seen more than 1 or 2 picture of a smiling happy go lucky Ling Huchong so his version is a serious sad melancholic Ling Huchong? No smile here; Ok, back up a few months or years Anyway shocking simply because he gives me an impression he is a boring guy, as in you know bored looking and boring, not flashy and all that and yet here he is, a car even flashier than Bosco’s Audi!!

Is that an audi? Was Bosco’s horrendous red colour car Audi? No matter how boring, inside all men, boring flashy, whatever is a flashy sort of guy, one sexy beast.

Married goddess Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo heart but left a position to other women?

Ruby Lin Ma Fuya Beautiful, smart, resourceful, is compassionate to friends, but does not concede to hostility. She is the exiled Princess of the Kingdom of Chu, as her father’s throne was usurped by her uncle, and she was forced to flee as he sent assassins after her. He was raised believing that his mother never loved him, preferring his youngest brother the Crown Prince, and that his father had wanted him to ascend to his throne.

Everyone has been paying close attention to the currently 40 years old Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin(林心如)’s dating life. On the auspicious day of May 20th ( = .

It is also one of most-anticipated dramas of From gods and demons, from reincarnation to never-ending love affairs — nothing is impossible in Chinese fantasy drama. This drama evolves around the High Goddess and the Crown Prince played by Yang Mi and Mark Chao, who were once lovers in another world and another lifetime. According to Dramafever , this fantasy story shows that love goes beyond worlds and lifetimes. The success of this TV drama is partly linked to its timing; like many dramas in this list, the first episode was aired in the middle of the Spring Festival.

Many fans have been waiting for this TV drama to come out, as its airing was already announced in the summer of By now, its official Weibo account has well over a million followers. Urban drama, Romance Other title: The drama revolves around an orphan girl Jiang Kaitong with an absolute sense of smell, who dreams of becoming a successful perfume maker.

Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo Spotted Together at Sandy Lam’s Concert

He was absolutely gorgeous thank you to Ruby Lin for the beautiful angles and costumes!! You can read my “love letter” to him in my review. Got other posts about him?

Taiwanese television stars Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo are an item. The pair chose the Chinese “love confession day” to announce their relationship.

Wallace Huo talk about baby daughter, but the main purpose is to vindicate his wife, Ruby Lin Although there are a lot of reports about the baby’s appearance on the Internet, but in fact, are false news, in order to protect the child, the heart has never been uploaded to her daughter’s picture. My daughter was born so far only her super adorable little feet: And baby every day to live in the baby room, both fantastic and elegant: After the heart such as sit the confinement, has begun to work, before the public propaganda: She began with her daughter sleeping in separate rooms and is obviously to the rhythm of the full back.

And just became the father of Wallace Huo, can be described as the cause of the family two proud. Not only received “such as Yi biography” such a good script, was also invited to watch brand fancy, he served as the spokesperson of the brand, but also is the brand’s first years of voice: March 2nd, the brand held a press conference in Beijing, announced cooperation with Wallace Huo. Novice daddy in an interview with reporters, the first public talk baby daughter, a face of Chongni, because he was still working as “Yi Zhuan”, only through the wife photos, to alleviate the suffering of love: Because her daughter is still small, just shortly after the full moon, he said: His wife, children were hard to ask whether the gift will be prepared to comfort?

Wallace Huo said, “of course, but I don’t want to tell you what I’m going to send.

[NEWS] Netizens fear Wallace Huo will get jealous after Ruby Lin does this on new show

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