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Contact Author Addicted to multi-tasking? Here’s the ultimate for musicians, and it predates mobile phones by centuries! I’ve been fascinated by one man bands since I was a kid.

Truly a local band, Torbay Brass Band was formed in by a group of local people who were employed at the South Devon College, who showed an enthusiasm for brass playing. The band grew very quickly attracting players from the Torbay area and was able to add to its strength a junior training band.

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No 2 Upstairs living room No 15 – Another view of the upstairs living room. The stone floors are underfloor heated Stairs No 14, The top of the spiral staircase in the foreground with the antique Cape Dutch ‘Armoire’ behind it. To the right is a Cape Dutch early 18th century yellow wood chair and the door to the balcony is on the left. Book now Location and Attractions Despite its secluded setting, Tyas Cottage is very close to numerous attractions, as well, of course to the moors and Pennine Way.

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Please check your entries and try again. Some of those guys are pretty good. Well, it was a drum and lyre band. On street corners, in vacant lots, behind the grocery store. I mean these are not your typical American marching bands that fill halftime fields at high school and college football games. These are Drums Only, with an occasional Lyre thrown in.

The Richmond Brass Band is contemporary brass band with traditional roots. Established in , the band was recently re-established in and brings fun, diverse music to .

Facts About Trombones By Timothy Sexton ; Updated September 15, The trombone is one of the most unusual instruments commonly found in orchestras and marching bands, but also one of the most beautiful. The sonorous tones of a trombone played well can make a piece of music come alive. At the same time, there is that odd slide mechanism that separates the trombone from its brethren in the brass section. History The trombone is actually one of the oldest orchestral instruments around, dating back to at least the Renaissance.

The first known mention of the word trombone was in , but that mention was made in reference to its appearance at the wedding of the Duke of Burgundy 20 years earlier. Types There are three types of trombones–alto, tenor and bass. The alto was the most popular type of trombone throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but the tenor took over the top spot in the twentieth century.

The bass trombone is today the second most popular. Parts The most singular element of a trombone is the slide mechanism. It also has a cup-shaped mouthpiece through which the player buzzes air. At the end of the horn is the wide bell out of which the sound emit. This bell-shaped section is actually called the bore, and the bigger the bore is the louder the sound that is produced.

The Valve The slide on a trombone is actually called a valve. There are seven fundamental positions in which the valve can be placed and each of these positions produces a specific note.

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